Seven things you don’t know about me (and perhaps never wanted to)

The challenge to write this post was announced originally by Geoff Livingston, who tagged school PR guru, Richie Escovedo, Mansfield Independent School District, who then tagged me. The challenge? A writing exercise that will reveal Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me.

So, now I’m “it.” I realize that many of you won’t care to know these facts. If that is the case, stop reading this post right now. For the intrepid, I’m offering up part of my soul when I tell you:

1. I once rented my home to one of America’s 10 Most Wanted. Mind you, I didn’t purposefully set out to do this. I was a new mom, and we had just moved to Texas from our paradise island home on Vashon Island, Wash. A well-known realtor on the island called me, saying that a prominent businessman from Orange County, Calif., wanted to lease our home for 6 months while he built a new one across the [Puget] Sound. The realtor guaranteed that the guy checked out every which way, and best of all, he was willing to pay for the lease up front. I didn’t blink an eye, accepting $6,500, and certainly didn’t check with my pilot husband who was on an extended trip to Japan. A week later, I became very well acquainted with the FBI, which is another story completely. Suffice it to say that after this two-year drama, my husband and I made an agreement about signing contracts.

2. I once wrote a humorous short story in Portuguese. Portuguese is a beautifully fluid language that lends itself to double entendre. My story was a side-splitter, too. I’d translate it here, but it’s not funny in English. For wordsmiths, being able to converse on a literary level in a foreign language has to be the ultimate high. Just ask Paulo Coelho.

3. Secretly, I agree with George Banks that “some big-shot over at the wiener company got together with some big-shot over at the bun company and decided to rip off the American public.” What can I say? I’ve never understood the inequity of eight wieners to 12 buns, which is why I totally support Mrs. Baird’s and always buy their hot dog buns. They’ve figured out that the American consumer wants equality in the wiener : bun ratio.

4. After college, I ditched my B.A. in English to become a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines. I love to travel and thought of this as an adventure to capture foie gras for my planned career as America’s next Hemingway. Travel! See the world! I didn’t expect to have to serve coffee and Bloody Mary’s while doing it, however. I did meet my pilot husband, the love of my life, while working there, along with Duane Woerth, whom I hope will be our nation's next leader of the FAA, and a whole host of other aviation visionaries. That was pre 9/11 and also before Northwest became just another operating unit of Delta Airlines.

5. My middle name is an initial. No, it isn’t that my parents couldn’t spell. My middle name Ld signals the heritage of my birth middle and last names, which I used for 29 years before I married. Thus, the L refers to my given middle name Lee, and the d refers to my father’s family name, Drozd. Mostly my middle name is a non sequitur, as people usually call me by the initials Lj.

6. I’m ashamed to say that I drive an SUV. I exude American ambivalence at its best. On the pro side, I’m proud of the fact that my hunker SUV is made in America. On the con end of things, I hate the wastefulness and disregard for the next generation. Regardless of how I feel about the Big Three loan-to-survive package, I have recently discussed options of how to be a greener citizen with Scott Monty, Ford’s social media expert, and realize that it’s time I address my contradictions (I know what will happen if I don't!) and align my values with my actions.

7. I have always believed – and always will – that my greatest contribution to Earth is my progeny. As a career mom, I know that my two kiddos can think for themselves, find humor in all situations, love challenges, care about humanity, believe in God. This is why I truly believe yes, mavericks can. (Drats. Now I’ve revealed I’m an independent politico, which means technically that you know eight things about me.)

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