Do-Do's In The Field

I've been in public relations long enough to know that sooner or later, some pretty ugly questions are gonna rear up. And when they do, they seldom go away without some action being taken by someone. In my experience, it's always better if that someone is the p.r. practitioner.

Along my circuitous route in the field, I've also discovered quite a bit about myself. For instance, I've found that if a client and I are at moral odds and that one of us-meaning me-has to exit stage right, it won't mean I'm going to starve. In fact, it means that I've just defined the type of client with which I prefer to work. I've also found that working in harmony with clients who share my personal and professional ideals gives me greater satisfaction. Who knew that a simple thing like client compatibility could be so enriching?

Not adhering to the profession's standards can also mean less self-respect. Never mind that you become your client's obsequious lackey; but do you really want to sully your own rep because someone else chooses to act disreputably?

If something is emitting an odor, even a whiff, it'll probably be just a minute before you smell the pungent aroma of "Oh, s#@!" Better to be at The Saltlick than out (side)stepping in the field.

Call me one naive cowbilly, but I happen to think there's actually a cure for mad cow disease.

Everybody have a great day in the city!